zucchini and herb frittata w roasted balsamic tomatoes


RECIPE: Zucchini and herb Frittata - Gluten free and vegetarian 

3 zucchini's - grated

1 brown onion - grated or minced in food processor

1/4 cup mint - roughly chopped (loosely packed)

1/4 cup of basil - roughly chopped (loosely packed)

1/4 cup parsley - roughly chopped (loosely packed)

1 small lime - zest and juice

4 free range eggs - lightly whisked 

1/2 cup low fat ricotta

2 tablespoons of plain gluten free flour

3/4 cup frozen peas

2 pinch's of sea salt

pinch of pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 180C and spray oil a round 25cm tin and line just the base with a round piece of baking paper

  2. Get the grated zucchini and squeeze most of the excess liquid out. Put zucchini into a large bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

  3. Pour into tin and cook for 40-45 minutes. Let cool before you flip it out. I flip onto a dinner plate and then back onto a platter that I want it served on.


Roasted Balsamic Tomatoes are simply any type of tomatoes splashed with balsamic, oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Then roasted for 10-15 minutes. They are sweet and juicy and go so well with this frittata.