Quinoa with tahini + honey dressing, goats chevre, currants and falafel


RECIPE: Quinoa, goat’s chevre, currants, falafel and tahini dressing - No cooking needed. Serves 2-3


1 x 400g organic tricolour quinoa in a can already cooked. I get mine from Aldi

2 tablespoons of my tahini dressing

1 Lebanese cucumber

100g mixed salad leaves

1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

6 store bought falafels

6 grape tomatoes cut in half

1 tablespoon of currants

1 tablespoon of pinenuts

1/3 cup loosely packed mint leaves

40g goats chevre

salt and pepper


  1. Drain and rinse the quinoa. Combine quinoa with tahini dressing (recipe below) in a bowl. Add salt and pepper.

  2. On a dinner plate spread quinoa so it’s 1cm thick. Cut the cucumber down the centre and then slice into half circles approximately 1cm thick. Stack them up in the centre of the quinoa.

  3. Toss the salad leaves in some olive oil and add the vinegar, salt and pepper. Put on top the cucumber. Tip any vinegar and oil from bowl onto lettuce and cucumber. Then scatter the rest in and around the circle of quinoa. So, the falafels, tomatoes, currants, pinenuts, mint leaves and goats chevre crumbled on top. Finish off with a little salt and pepper and serve.