I'm Amanda Cordony, most days you can find me in my kitchen cooking deliciously healthy food for my family. As a little girl I was always watching my grandmother make her ravioli for the whole family. My grandmother would dedicate full days to rolling and filling ravioli on her round wooden table. When I think of these beautiful memories it ignites my passion for cooking and creating delicious food. It's what brings our loved ones together. 

I have always been in the food industry, from my first job in a gourmet delicatessen, studying hospitality management, to then opening my own cafe/deli and catering company when I was 22 years old, these days I enjoy feeding my beautiful family healthy, delicious home cooked meals. 


I realise, making weeknight dinner's can be a chore, and sometimes I am only capable of making scrambled eggs, cutting an avocado and serving it for dinner. But when I am not run off my feet, I will make meals that are easy to cook, pre-made meals that I can just grab out of the freezer, add some fresh vegetables and serve a delicious quick meal. Or make quick healthy snacks that are ready to go in the fridge when my kids ask 'can I have something sweet!.' 

Life is always so busy, but for us, it's important to make time to sit around the table and share delicious meals. And I am here to show you how. Just with a little planning, dinner's can be quick, easy and delicious. So let's go......


Meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Great ideas for the kids that are tried and tested on my two munchkins.

My own creations that are simple, tasty and fast.

Hint's, tips and tricks for making life in the kitchen easier.

My journey of experiences and ideas from being in the food industry for 20 years now.

TCK Kids Food Boxes

 After two years of posting recipes on my blog and instagram feed I have designed a food box filled with healthy meals and treats for children. You can find these boxes under shop and we will be increasing our range over time. I am so excited to bring people nourishing food for busy families that want healthy, wholesome and delicious tasting food for their children, and occasionally parents too as I know I love a good bowl of bolognese just as much as my kids. I can’t wait to increase our range and we always welcome feedback as we strive to make our clients happy with what we have cooked and created.

I hope you enjoy and feel inspired.

Amanda x 

"People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child